Linux User & Developer, Issue 95

This month sees a new series launch within the pages of Linux User & Developer magazine: a look at programming and electronics design using the Arduino open-source rapid prototyping platform.

It’s a subject about which I’m passionate: since getting my hands on my first Arduino, kindly donated by Oomlout for a similar tutorial for Bit-Tech, I’ve been dying to find an excuse to spend more time with it. Getting paid to write a tutorial provides that excuse nicely.

There’s nothing particularly advanced in this first of three tutorials: basic electronic prototyping is covered, designing a circuit containing a buzzer and then writing a ‘sketch’ for upload to the Arduino that triggers same. You have to walk before you can run, though, and each remaining part of the trilogy will become increasingly detailed and complex without – hopefully – becoming overwhelming.

Also in this month’s magazine is a review of the latest Fedora release.

More information is available over on the Linux User & Developer website.

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