Linux User & Developer, Issue 101

For the hundred-and-first issue of Linux User & Developer, two reviews and a feature: a group test of backup software can be found at the bottom-left of the cover billed as “Keep your data safe the open source way,” while to the right can be found a LibreOffice review. Finally, a hardware review of the Hiddn Crypto Adapter, which is a truly impressive bit of kit, by the way.

The group test, as per usual, takes four popular packages – in this case in the areas of backup and restore software – and pits them head-to-head. They’re always a popular read, and while they take a reasonable amount of work – including setting up a virtual machine environment, installing, testing, resetting and then re-testing each package, followed by the painstaking screenshotting process – they’re fun too.

The LibreOffice review, looking at the latest release and tying in to a collaboration feature elsewhere in the magazine, was also enjoyable; providing the push I needed to finally move on from OpenOffice on my machines at home.

The Hiddn Crypto Adapter review, however, is the highlight: from Norwegian company High-Density Devices (HDD,) the Big-Trak-looking Hiddn CA allows any USB Mass Storage device to become encrypted using a PIN and smartcard combination. It’s totally OS-agnostic, and a really interesting item to test.

How did it score? Buy the magazine and find out.

More details are available over on the Linux User & Developer website.

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