Linux User & Developer, Issue 103

This month’s Linux User & Developer may come as a shock to some: the group test, a regular mainstay of the magazine, is nowhere to be found. Thankfully, it’s been replaced with something just as good – and highly visible there in the right-hand corner of the cover: a head-to-head shoot-out between GNOME3 (and the GNOME Shell) and Unity.

With the launch of GNOME3 and Canonical’s insistence on using its own Unity desktop for Ubuntu, passions are high in the Linux community. Taking both releases and running them head-to-head, I compared their features and functionality in order to ascertain exactly which comes out ahead.

To capitalise on the interest surrounding the topic, editor Russell Barnes made the decision to publish the piece on the website as well as in the magazine; a good choice, it turns out, with the article grabbing significant traffic and sitting at the top of the ‘most read’ stats for a considerable time.

As well as the head-to-head, this issue includes a two-page review of cloud-centric Linux distribution Peppermint Two, again installed and configured on my VirtualBox testbed virtual machine.

More information is available over on the Linux User & Developer website.

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