PC Pro, Issue 213

PC Pro, Issue 213This month’s issue of Dennis Publishing’s PC Pro magazine sees my first contribution, and while it’s a minor one it’s still worth celebrating.

As with many mags, PC Pro has taken a look at the Raspberry Pi sub-$35 microcomputer, running an in-depth review on its capabilities and specifications.

As part of the review PC Pro used details I had gathered for my coverage on Bit-Tech, including the benchmark results from my pretty exhaustive testing. At some point, I may revisit the benchmarking to get a more thorough idea of the true performance of the Pi – but to do so I will likely need to compile the benchmark code manually to optimise it for the Pi’s ARMv6 processor.

My contribution makes up only a small portion of the review – which is well worth reading, by the way – but it’s always nice to see my name in a new magazine.

PC Pro Issue 213 is in shops now, or can be downloaded from the Zinio website.

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