Arduino Duemilanove - Side View

Arduino Projects: Getting Started

Arduino Duemilanove - Side ViewA break from the usual ‘sample’ style of post to showcase an article I’m really rather proud of: an introduction to Arduino circuit-building and programming, written for bit-tech and Custom PC Magazine.

Anyone who has ever hacked around in their PC will have been hit with an urge to take their tinkering to the next level and create a custom-built device, but few actually try – believing such things to be far too complicated. At least, until the Arduino appeared on the scene.

Originally developed in Italy in 2005 as a tool for students building interactive design projects, the Arduino is a microcontroller-based prototyping board – but one that pretty much removes the barriers to entry that previous electronic prototyping systems had.

The idea behind the Arduino is simple: to create a system that allows electronic circuits to be created, modified, and tested in minutes – complete with a programmable chip in the centre to take control of everything.

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