Custom PC, Issue 104

Custom PC Magazine, Issue 104 coverThis month’s Custom PC includes, as is usual, my ongoing Mobile Tech Watch column. In it, I take a look at two waterproofing technologies from HzO and Liquipel, which claim to alter your portable electronics on a molecular level in order to make them fully waterproof without the need for a case, and Qualcomm’s purchase of Pixtronix, a company which makes microelectrical-mechnical system (MEMS) display technologies.

Both sections of this month’s columns have more a feel of how I want the column to work than last month’s, which was a simple round-up of technologies announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES.) Concentrating on just two main technologies allows me to look at things in considerably more depth and, hopefully, provide an informative look at the technology which goes in to mobile devices for Custom PC readers.

Sadly, the timing of the piece could have been better: because the article was written so close to CES, getting in touch with representatives from Liquipel and HzO proved difficult. I was eventually able to get hold of some press materials, but the interviews for which I’d hoped never materialised. Qualcomm and Pixtronix also proved difficult to contact, but for a different reason: as the article was written, Qualcomm announced its intentions to purchase Pixtronix which put paid to any PR activities on either part until the ink was dry on the deal.

Nevertheless, I was – hopefully – able to still produce an interesting piece. At least, nobody’s emailed any death threats yet…

Custom PC issue 104 is in shops now, and is also available on digital newsstand Zinio.

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