Linux User & Developer, Issue 134

Linux User & Developer Issue 134In addition to my regular four-page news spread, this month’s Linux User & Developer includes a two-page review of a cloud-based backup service dubbed Securstore.

Cloud backup is a hot-button topic these days, whether people are warning you off the concept due to concerns over NSA and GCHQ intrusion or hailing it as the next big thing. Certainly, the recent growth in average broadband speed – my personal connection recently enjoyed an upstream boost that sees files uploading more than 20 times faster than before – makes the concept more accessible for those without deep enough pockets for leased line networking.

Securstore’s no stranger to the market, but it is one of the few cloud backup services that promises full cross-platform compatibility with support for all major operating systems – including Linux. The company also offers all the usual buzzwords required for enterprise backup systems – in particular ISO 27001 accreditation.

But how’s the software? Well, Securstore hasn’t actually written the software itself; instead, it has partnered with backup giant Asigra, who started in the market way back in 1986. Although not the most user-friendly of packages, Asigra’s software is powerful and Securstore offers training and one-to-one support throughout a company’s subscription.

What’s my overall opinion? Well, you’ll have to buy the magazine to find that out – and if you do, you can also catch up on the latest happenings in the worlds of open source, open hardware, open governance and the maker communities.

Linux User & Developer Issue 134 is available at most good newsagents, a few bad ones, the occasional supermarket and digitally via Zinio and other digital distribution services now. French readers can also look forward to seeing this issue in translated form as Inside Linux in the coming months.

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