Disharmony at Bletchley Park

There’s something rotten in the state of Bletchley, but exactly what is up for debate. A BBC News film crew brought – frankly, much-needed – light on internal disputes between the Bletchley Park Trust, which operates the bulk of the Park, and the CodesandCiphers Trust, which operates the National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) housed in Block H. Video footage of a long-time Bletchley Park Trust volunteer being apparently sacked secured the report a place on the national news, and has been responsible for more column inches than either party has ‘enjoyed’ in quite some time.

But what is actually going on?

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BBC Radio Surrey – Alan Turing

Continuing my radio work, I was asked to appear on BBC Radio Surrey’s breakfast show this morning to discuss the new Alan Turing display at Bletchley Park.

Interviewed alongside Bletchley Park Trust’s Kelsey Griffin, we discussed the new exhibition, the fund-raising that led to the purchase of the papers, the personal exhibits of Turing’s on display and the man’s impact on the modern world through his ground-breaking work carried out in secret at the Park during the war.

A recording of the interview has been placed on Audioboo by BBC Surrey, and is available to stream here.