Linux User & Developer, Issue 94

Following a chance meeting with Russell Barnes at the openSUSE Developers’ Conference in Germany, I’ve started doing work for Imagine Publishing’s Linux User & Developer magazine; a topic that’s right up my open-source alley.

A gentle introduction for my first contribution, this issue includes a two-page review of the Marvell SheevaPlug eSATA-equipped plug-top computer. It’s a marvel – ho-ho – of a device, and despite its low power draw (I couldn’t make it measure above 5W at the socket, even under load) makes a wonderful mini server for a variety of tasks.

If you’re curious as to what I thought of it, and don’t have a copy of the magazine to hand, it’s available in full on the magazine’s website.

In the following months, I’ll be contributing an increasing amount as I find my stride. The start of something big, I hope.

More information is available over on the Linux User & Developer website.

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