Custom PC, Issue 89

This month’s Custom PC magazine includes two pieces of mine: as well as the regular ‘Download’ news analysis column, a piece entitled “2010: The Year in Review” looks at the best and worst that the magazine has witnessed over the past year.

Spanning a bumper ten pages, the “Year in Review” piece summarises the biggest news stories of the year – hardware releases, game reviews and even the occasional bit of politics – to provide a handy guide to the staff’s take on events.

Ending on a two-page look at the coming year, the piece was completed to a tight deadline and involved significant research in order to accurately portray not just my opinion but that of the magazine’s staff in general.

Despite requiring an all-nighter or two, the deadline was met; and the art department did a cracking job making the piece into a stunning and easy-to-read marvel towards the back of the mag.

The ‘Download’ column this month looked at the work done on my fund-raising campaign to see Bletchley park purchase the Turing-Newman papers for display. Focusing on the use of social media – in particular microblogging service Twitter – it provides a hopefully interesting behind-the-scenes look at an event that gained plenty of traction in the mainstream media.

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