Custom PC, Issue 91

This month’s ‘Download’ news analysis column focuses on the big news of the month: OCZ’s decision to cease competing in the crowded RAM market in order to focus its efforts on lucrative solid-state storage devices.

Again, the ‘Download’ column is all about personal opinion and looking beyond the obvious facets of an image: as a result, I dig into my past to find the technologies I have invested in over the years, only to find the companies behind them closing down or changing businesses entirely.

It made for a sobering list: from my decision to get an Atari ST (1040STe upgrade to 4MB, if you’re curious) instead of a Commodore Amiga through to my purchase of a 3dFX Voodoo accelerator board and taking in my use of IBM ‘Deathstar’ hard drives, an AdLib Music Card, and a Cyrix processor, it made for eye-opening reading on just how badly I can make purchasing decisions at times.

Thankfully, my pain is the readers’ pleasure; with plenty of humour thrown in, I’m hoping this month’s column will be the best yet.

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