Linux User & Developer, Issue 97

For this month’s Linux User & Developer, the final part of my Arduino tutorial trilogy alongside a group test of the best and brightest disaster recovery live CDs.

The latter is a topic very close to my heart: as an ex-sysadmin, Linux live CDs have saved my life – or career, at least – on numerous occasions, and if you’re not aware of some of the impressive features available in a free-as-in-speech emergency repair distro you’re missing out.

Finishing the Arduino feature is bittersweet: it’s true that writing and debugging code isn’t exactly my strong suit, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. It’ll be nice to have the evenings back now it’s done, though.

The Arduino series was always a gamble, as it’s something of a departure from the magazine’s normal fare; thankfully, editor Russell Barnes took a punt. Response has been good, and I certainly wouldn’t be averse to doing something similar in the future – once I’ve had a rest!

Full details are available over on the Linux User & Developer website.

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