Linux User & Developer, Issue 99

For this month’s Linux User & Developer magazine, a twofer: my regular group test, this time looking at media players, and a review of the Axigen Messaging email server.

The group test was a relatively simple one this month: looking at client applications is always a pleasure, and with media players it’s just a question of rating the appearance, functionality and performance to arrive at a ‘best of the best.’

That’s not to say it doesn’t take time: each package on test needs to be researched, installed, tested and then screenshots taken to ensure the piece isn’t just a wall of words.

For the review, things were a bit more difficult: Axigen is a powerful piece of kit, and requires configuration before it can be used. Drawing on experience gained in my previous life as a sysadmin – with a shudder – meant it wasn’t too difficult, despite VirtualBox doing its best to keep the software’s web-based user interface hidden from my laptop’s browser.

More information is available over on the Linux User & Developer website.


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