Linux User & Developer – Raspberry Pi Interview

Raspberry Pi LogoLinux User & Developer Magazine has just published a hefty extract from my interview with Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton. Due for full publication in the upcoming Linux User & Developer Issue 112, the interview covers the reason behind forming the Raspberry Pi charitable foundation, the foundation’s relationship with Upton’s employer Broadcom and more.

Eben’s a really great guy, and I’m massively appreciative of the time he took for this interview. Coming so close to launch, and while he was working on a dozen other things simultaneously, I know the demands on his time are legion.

Hopefully Linux User’s readers will find it an interesting insight into some of the behind-the-scenes matters relating to the Raspberry Pi single-board computer. I know I did.

The lengthy extract can be found on the Linux User & Developer Magazine website.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like the piece has proven popular. So much so, in fact, that it’s been quoted by Forbes.

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