PC Pro, Issue 219

PC Pro, Issue 219This month’s PC Pro features my first proper piece for the magazine, following my contribution of technical assistance for the Raspberry Pi review back in PC Pro Issue 213, and it’s fitting that it should be about the remarkable Raspberry Pi once again.

As the cover flash shows, the feature is a look at ten of the most interesting projects surrounding the Raspberry Pi. Designed to fire up readers’ imaginations – especially those who have purchased a Pi, received it and now have absolutely no idea what to do with it – the feature looks at projects ranging from commercial pay-to-print services to solar-powered distributed computing nodes, and plenty in-between.

My personal highlights from the feature include a university project which joins Pi nodes together to teach students about clustered supercomputing concepts without the expense or power draw of a traditional cluster, an autonomous seagoing vehicle which uses a Pi as its artificial intelligence hub, and a project to place the Pi into the casing of its spiritual ancestor the Sinclair ZX Spectrum by my friend Steve Wilson.

While far from exhaustive – with hundreds of new projects being thought up every day, no list of ten could ever hope to encompass the full spectrum – it hopefully provides an interesting glimpse of exactly what is possible from a credit card-sized computer with a tiny 700MHz processor, 256MB or 512MB of RAM and an in-built network port.

PC Pro Issue 219 is available to buy from wherever you normally buy magazines, available to steal from dentists’ waiting rooms, and available to download from Zinio – although, at the time of writing, the site is still showing Issue 218.

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