Linux User & Developer, Issue 133

Linux User & Developer Issue 133In addition to my regular four-page news spread, this month’s Linux User & Developer includes my in-depth two-page review of the Fuze Powered by Raspberry Pi – possibly the most interesting Raspberry Pi accessory-stroke-bundle I’ve yet seen.

Aimed primarily at education, the Fuze couples a locally-manufactured metal chassis with a built-in keyboard and a diode-protected general-purpose input-output (GPIO) breakout board to create something more suited to school use than the bare board of the Pi itself. Provided with a version of Gordon Henderson’s modified BASIC, white-on-black for the true BBC Micro experience, and educational materials in PDF format, it’s undeniably an interesting package.

If that all sounds familiar, it should: I reviewed the same kit, but from a hobbyist’s perspective, in Custom PC Issue 124 earlier this month. During this more detailed review, however, I had the benefit of having spoken to the device’s inventor Jon Silvera. Having spotted some criticisms I had made on Twitter – using the social networking service, as is my usual habit, as a combination notepad and teaser vehicle during the review – he got in touch to discuss how my feedback would affect the product’s future development.

The result is that, even before the review was finished, many of the more niggling criticisms I had were fully addressed. This is reflected in the final review score, which was posted prior to the magazine’s publication on the Linux User website.

The review is, as usual, joined by four pages of news from the worlds of free, libre and open source software, open hardware, open governance and the surrounding communities – but to see those, you’re going to have to pick up a copy from your local newsagent, supermarket or online via digital distribution services including Zinio.

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