Linux User & Developer, Issue 111

Linux User & Developer, Issue 111 coverThis month’s issue of Linux User & Developer features the full publication of my interview with Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton, an extract of which has been quite happily sat at the top of the ‘Most Read’ category on the Linux User website for the past month. Additionally, my regular group test takes a look at project management apps and there’s also a review of internet kiosk distribution WebConverger in there too.

The interview with Eben was, as always, great fun. He’s a busy man, but he’s also a great guy to talk to; never afraid to make his true opinions known, he’s a brilliant interview subject and a scarily clever engineer to boot. He’s also good at giving credit where credit is due, including in his shout-outs to people like fellow Broadcom engineer and creator of the Raspberry Pi Gertboard add-on Gert van Loo.

The group test picks four of the most popular Linux-based project management tools and pits them Gantt-to-Gantt in an attempt to find the one most useful for the majority of people. It was a fairly close-run competition this time round, but sure enough one did raise its head above the others and win the coveted group test winner medal for its efforts.

Finally, the WebConverger review looks at an interesting distribution which aims to make it easy to turn old hardware into a single-use internet kiosk, complete with protections from users and a neat customisation feature. It’s also suitable for digital signage, although as I found during testing it’s not without its issues.

More information is available on the Linux User & Developer website.